Help With Toby Baxley's Kickstarter Campaign

Featuring Toby Baxley Posted on September 9, 2011

Hey, friends! I need your support to release a full-length album of my original songs and hymn remakes for worship. I've been writing for a few years and releasing my songs as sheet music singles on, but the time has come for me to compile everything onto one album that you can enjoy in your car, or home, or wherever you have a CD player available.

My original demos were completely home-spun. I recorded all the instruments and most of the vocals myself through virtual instrument plug-ins and some live instrument and vocal overdubs. On this project, I'm starting from the ground up to make some good recordings that I hope you'll enjoy.To do that, I need to enlist the services of some other players that are way better on their instruments than I am. If you've heard my previous demos, then these new recordings will sound familiar, but they should have a lot more sonic punch and clarity because of the other players.

I will record the keyboard and synth parts, acoustic guitar, some electric guitar, and vocals. I hope to enlist the help of a drummer, bass player, and electric guitar player to make these songs sound fantastic. (This isn't a casting call, though. I already have the players in mind. Sorry.)

Also, I hope to have this project professionally mastered. Mastering is the final tweak to the mixes to make them (a) sound their best, and (b) balance the levels of the other tracks on the project. Mastering is like Photoshop for audio mixes. Believe me. You'll appreciate the difference.

The more that I raise above my funding goal, the more I will be able to do with this album. If I am able to raise enough, I will hire another engineer to mix the album. If enough money is pledged, I will also be able to get my upcoming Unplugged Hymns album manufactured. Otherwise it will just be a downloadable release.

I'm excited about the plans for both of these albums. I hope you are too and will help me fund their recording and release.

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