Does Worship Style Matter to God?

Featuring Daniel Collison Posted on July 23, 2008

Style certainly matters to people! Take an informal survey about what people like best in their worship services and most likely you’ll hear passionate responses: ”Contemporary music is the only way I can reach God.” “Traditional worship moves me deeply.”

Are these comments bad? Well, it would be refreshing to hear, “I just love God and it doesn’t matter really what style of service I attend.” Reality dictates, however, that we connect people to God from where they are—including where they are in their stylistic choices.

This is not a new idea. Throughout biblical history the styles and forms of worship were continually changing. Some of the changes were initiated by God and others simply by the practical issues of daily life. One contrast in the Old Testament would be the difference of worship styles between Moses in the Exodus event and King David in the shaping of the Israeli national identity. Mosaic worship reflects a highly patterned and institutional form of worship based upon sacrifice and offerings and yet with very little music. King David shaped worship with a lot of music and even some non-sacrificial practices.

The most important point was and always will be: Is the focus of this worship upon God? If our ever changing styles, preferences and delivery modes are focused on God, then yes, style matters to God, but only insomuch as it directs everyone to himself.

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