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Download the listening track for Greater by Joshua Seller, from the album Passionate Reverence EP.

SongID 8897
Language English
Album Passionate Reverence EP
Artists Joshua Seller
Authors Joshua Seller, Carl Cartee
Publishers Other
CCLI Song No.5713600
File TypeMP3


{t:Greater} {} {k:B} {d_ok:B} {f:?2010 Joshua Seller Music, Joshua Seller, Carl Cartee. All rights reserved. CCLI Song No. xxxxxx. By Joshua Seller, Carl Cartee} {c:Intro} [B][E][G#m][E] {c:Verse 1} [B]Greater [G#m]still than my [E]heart, that will fail me [B]Higher [G#m]still are Your [E]ways, have Your [F#]way in me I [E]believe You [F#]are all You say [B]You are I put [E]my faith in [F#]the greatness of [B]my God {soc} {c:Chorus} Lord You are [G#m]greater [F#]still Strong enough to [E]save, Mighty are Your [F#]ways Lord You are [G#m]faithful [F#]still To the one who seeks Your [E]face and calls upon Your [F#]name [B/E]Lord [G#m]You [E]are greater, Lord You are greater {eoc} {c:Verse 2} [B]Take this [G#m]world, [E]still we'll cling to You Jesus [B]Deeper [G#m]still is the [E]love You have shown [F#]us We [E]believe You are [F#]who You say [B]You are We [E]put our [F#]faith in the greatness of [B]our God {define: B base-fret 1 frets x 2 4 4 4 2} {define: E base-fret 1 frets 0 2 2 1 0 0} {define: G#m base-fret 3 frets 2 4 4 2 2 2} {define: F# base-fret 1 frets 2 4 4 3 2 2} {define: B/E base-fret 1 frets 0 2 4 4 4 2}...