Joshua Seller

Joshua Seller



In a time when the lines between church music and mainstream music
have been hazed and blurred, Christian artists rooted in humility and
focused on exalting Christ are hard to find.

That's where Joshua Seller comes in.

Based out of Harvest Bible Chapel in Oakville, ON, Songwriter / Worship
leader Joshua Seller represents a breath of fresh air in both Canadian
church-culture and the larger Christian music industry too.  Seller is
passionate about his art but also determined and mindful to eliminate ego
from the equation.  No rock star attitudes here.

But don't let his modesty fool you.  Having opened for Casting Crowns on
their 2009 Canadian tour, garnered mega-exposure for his song "Song of the
Angels" through CCLI, won "Scriptural Song of the Year" at the 2009 Covenant
Awards and, last but definitely not least, finished in the Top 10 in the
2002 season of Canadian Idol, Seller has definitely been a busy man.

"Through the Canadian Idol experience, God showed me a brief season of
fame," Seller explains. "The whole time I thought I could serve both God and
the World. But I was wrong."  It was through releasing and touring a secular
album that God revealed that no fame could buy happiness for Seller.  "I
remember getting to the point where I had to choose between Christ and the
world. I chose Christ because He revealed His love and grace to me in such a
way I could do nothing but choose Him."

Following these life changes, Seller found himself at Harvest Bible Chapel,
a church where he would soon put down roots with his family.  Serving there
now as a full-time vocational worship leader, Seller's number one focus is
writing songs for the church and leading services there.

His progressive sound is built around songs that move and build - from soft
and intimate to big and exciting.  Drawing inspiration from worship leaders
such as Chris Tomlin, Bob Kauflin, and Kristian Stanfill, Joshua Seller is
excited about being used as a Psalmist for our generation: Writing songs
that God would allow the world to sing to Him.

Seller is passionate about the church, plain and simple.  "The heart of why
I write & sing is to make Jesus known and lead people into His presence."
Whether with local congregations in Ontario or on larger stages through out
North America, Joshua Seller's passionate songs and servant-heart will
continue to inspire and draw people in closer and closer to where God is

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