Alto Rehearsal Track Details

Download the Rehearsal Tracks for your whole choir. Alto Tracks are sold individually, so be sure to purchase the number of copies you need for each vocalist.


Verse I've watched you live Within the suff'ring of the choices made I've watched you walk Past mercy and choose to go your way I thought the roads laid out before you They were clear to see One would lead to sorrow one would set you free You need to know that love brings purpose to it all It never lets us go so that the world may know Chorus Sin may scar the heart sin may wound the soul But there's no broken life That mercy can't make whole Fear may rule the day But hope it always finds a way To reach us where we are To give us life that's more than what we dreamed of Nothing stops the Savior's love Verse 2 They saw her only as an outcast never worth the time But Jesus saw her heart as another broken life He knew His grace would go the distance And fin'lly set her free To show the world That no one is out beyond His reach Jesus finds us and brings us purpose to it all He never lets us go so that the world may know Bridge His love is deep His love is wide All because the Savior bled and died...

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