David Crowder / TobyMac

Piano/Vocal (SAT) NIO Details

Download the sheet music for -(DASH) by David Crowder / TobyMac, from the album The Exile. This song was arranged by Grant Wall in the key of Dm, Em.

SongID 83715
Language English
Album The Exile
Artists David Crowder, TobyMac
Authors David Crowder, Louie Giglio, Toby McKeehan, Ben Glover, Jeff Sojka
Arrangers Grant Wall
Publishers Capitol CMG
File TypePDF
Original Key Em
Available Keys Dm, Em


Verse 1 Sunday mornin’ preacher said, life’s a mist it’s just a breath We’re only here for a little while He talked about his daddy’s grave, it read nineteen ten to ‘ninetyeight But the years between were just a little line Pre-Chorus 1 Got me wondering what I’m chasing Don’t want another minute wasted Chorus There’s a day we’re born, day we pass, in between there’s just a dash What on earth am I doin', what on earth am I doing Yeah I got time but time goes fast, yeah that line is all I have What on earth am I doin', what on earth am I doin' Verse 2 I could take this life and live it well or I could keep on living it for myself What’s He gonna say when He calls me up Was I just words or was I love, did I love great or just good enough I just hope He says well done Pre-Chorus 2 I keep on wondering what I’m chasing Don’t want another minute wasted Bridge Cause real life‘s in the trenches, not from the stands In our lofty benches with manicured hands I want a dash that’s dirty, a life fully spent Weathered and scarred from all the life that I lived The times that we go out of our way to paint Beautiful blue over somebody’s grey When we stopped and defended injustice Or sanded the heart of a friend that got rusted I don’t know my number or year that I’ll pass From this cold world to the kingdom that lasts But carpe diem it’s worth it to live it not blur it Or years could fly by and you still ain’t met purpose End Life's short, but a vapor What you gonna do, what you gonna do with yours What on earth am I doin' What on Earth am I doin'...