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Download the listening track for Here Comes The Kingdom by Jake Fretz, from the album Here Comes The Kingdom.

SongID 76819
Language English
Album Here Comes The Kingdom
Artists Jake Fretz
Authors Jake Fretz
CCLI Song No.7175604
File TypeMP3
Original Key F
ThemeAlive, Child of God, Love of God, Holy Fire, Kingdom of God, Light, Miracles, Prodigal, Welcome


Intro Come alive in the Kingdom, it's time to shine We are the living light, here comes the Kingdom Verse 1 Dawn is here, wake everyone Everyday God's Kingdom comes We His children walk with Him New wine bursting out our skin Pre-Chorus In His name see the lame take faith filled steps With Father's love broken brothers lift their heads Turning town upside down as citizens of Heaven here and now Chorus Here comes the Kingdom, come alive in the Kingdom It's time to shine, we are the living light Here comes the Kingdom, all can rise in the Kingdom One in Christ, we are the living light Here comes the Kingdom Verse 2 Welcome every wayward home As four winds rattle through our bones Sons and daughters brave and bright Holy Spirit's wildfire Bridge We won't fear the impossible In You all is possible Lord we won't fear the impossible Yours is the Kingdom We are Your Kingdom Ending Here comes the Kingdom...