Fractal FM9 Patch Details

These patches were created based on guitar sounds from the original recordings of popular Praise & Worship songs. Download matching chords, vocal and lead sheet music, multi tracks, and additional modeler patches. Find more song specific guitar patches at for Line 6 Helix, Line 6 HX Stomp, Line 6 Pod GO, Kemper, Neural DSP Quad Cortex (when available,) Fractal Axe-FX III and Fractal FM3.


Make sure that you have upgraded to the latest firmware on both Axe-Edit III/FM3-Edit as well as your Axe-FX III/FM3 unit before installing this patch. Our patches were designed around the output knobs on both devices being at max volume. Use the output block at the end of the signal chain to gainstage with your other patches.


  1. Download the free editing software, Axe-Edit III or FM3-Edit from Fractal.
  2. Download the free updating software, Fractal-Bot from Fractal.
  3. Download the latest firmware for your Axe-Fx III or FM3 from the fractal forum. It should be at the top of the page.
  4. Unzip the downloaded firmware
  5. Connect your Axe-Fx III or FM3 using a USB-A to USB-B cable.
  6. Using Fractal-Bot, select your device, and then select the recently downloaded firmware. Follow the on screen prompts to update your device.
  7. Once updated, open Axe-Edit/FM3-Edit and click the “PRESETS” button.
  8. Click the green “MANAGE” box on the bottom right corner of the screen
  9. Drag and drop our patch into any available preset.

Pedalboard Mode

Our patches were designed to be used in Scene mode (Perform 1), but can also be used in Pedalboard mode (Perform 2) for those who are using an Axe-FX III with an FC 12 controller and would like a little more freedom during a song. Find additional information in the Read Me document in your PraiseCharts product download file.

Scene Mode

Scene mode includes custom effect mappings designed to recreate the exact tones used in modern Praise & Worship songs. The first six scenes will be mapped to individual sections of the songs, whereas scenes 7 and 8 will always be labeled as “clean” and “swells.”

Tone Tweeks

This patch was created using a PRS® Custom 24 guitar, using Lambertones® Pickups, a PRS® Silver Sky, and a Fender American Professional Telecaster. Feel free to adjust any EQ block, or amp EQ in order to better suit your guitar, and your playing style.


Song Details

SongID 74171
Language English
Album The Father’s House
Artists Cory Asbury
Authors Cory Asbury, Benjamin Hastings, Ethan Hulse
Publishers Capitol CMG, Essential Music Publishing, Bethel Music
CCLI Song No.7135153
TempoMed Slow
InstrumentsElectric Guitar
File Type
Original Key Db


Verse 1 Sometimes on this journey, I get lost in my mistakes What looks to me like weakness, is a canvas for Your strength And my story isn’t over, my story’s just begun Failure won’t define me, cause that’s what my Father does Yeah, failure won’t define me, cause that’s what my Father does Chorus Oohohoh, lay your burdens down Oohohoh, here in the Father’s house Check your shame at the door, cause it ain’t welcome anymore Oohohoh, you’re in the Father’s house Verse 2 Arrival’s not the endgame, the journey’s where You are You never wanted perfect, You just wanted my heart And the story isn’t over if the story isn’t good Failure’s never final when the Father’s in the room And failure’s never final when the Father’s in the room Bridge 1 Prodigals come home, the helpless find hope Love is on the move when the Father’s in the room Prison doors fling wide, the dead come to life Love is on the move when the Father’s in the room Bridge 2 Miracles take place, the cynical find faith That love is breaking through when the Father’s in the room Jericho walls are quakin’, strongholds now are shakin’ Love is breaking through when the Father’s in the room Love is breaking through when the Father’s in the room...

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