This Could Change Everything Lead (SAT) (Francesca Battistelli)
This Could Change Everything Lead (SAT) (Francesca Battistelli)
This Could Change Everything Lead (SAT) (Francesca Battistelli)
This Could Change Everything
Francesca Battistelli


Lead Sheet (SAT) Details

Download the sheet music for This Could Change Everything by Francesca Battistelli, from the album Own It. This song was arranged by Erik Foster in the key of F, G.

SongID 72053
Language English
Album Own It
Artists Francesca Battistelli
Authors Francesca Battistelli, Jason Walker, Tommee Profitt
Arrangers Erik Foster
Publishers Curb/Word Music, Capitol CMG, Curb Music Publishing
CCLI Song No.7113393
InstrumentsPiano, Guitar
File TypePDF
Original Key F
Available Keys F, G
ThemesFuture, Flood, Commitment, Wonder, Change, Fire


Verse 1 There’s a fire inside, you can feel it burning It’s a neon light glowing like a furnace And the night is long, but the world keeps turning You gotta know it, it’s not the end Verse 2 Every new sunrise is one step closer It’s a sign in the sky, that the fight’s not over So face the world, it’s now or never This is your moment, let it begin Chorus This could change everything Can you feel it now, something’s in the air This could change everything I know we’re gonna know it, when we get there No more waiting, I’m taking the chance This could change everything, let it begin Verse 3 See the world outside in technicolor Be the one who paints outside the numbers Like a child who is lost in wonder I don’t wanna lose it, I’m breathing it in Bridge Ohohoh, you can feel it coming like a flood Ohohoh, wash over us, wash over us Ohohoh, let the future we’ve been dreaming of Ohohoh, wash over us (wash over us) Tag This could change everything Oh, this could change everything, oh...

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