Rhythm Track Details

Download the Rhythm Track for Ghost by Passion / Crowder, from the album Whole Heart.

SongID 70897
Language English
Album Whole Heart
Artists Passion, Crowder
Authors David Crowder, Ed Cash
CCLI Song No.7105728
TempoMed Fast
File TypeMP3
Original Key Bb
Available Keys Bb, C


Verse 1 His ghost is a fire, a holy flame burning wild Burning through the night, burning with the light of a billion stars Verse 2 His love is like lightning, crackin' through the sky and And burning through the rage, burning through the pain of a billion scars Chorus 1 Get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready, all the stories are true Verse 3 His ghost is inside me, holy fire burning wildly Burning through the things that need to be erased to liberate my soul Chorus 2 Get ready, there's an empty tomb, get ready, there's a ghost in the room Get ready, even mountains move, get ready, all the stories are true Bridge He'll heal you, He'll heal you Chorus 3 We're ready for the fire to fall, we're ready for Your voice to call We're ready for Your light'ning come, we're ready into Your arms we run Chorus 4 We're ready, let the heavens part, we're ready for the angel's songs We're ready for death be done, we're ready for Your kingdom come Chorus 5 We're ready like a waiting bride, we're ready for Your bread and wine We're ready to burst to life, we're ready for You to set things right Tag So come on, come on, come on We're ready, we're ready, we're ready...

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