I'm Going Free (Jailbreak) (Simplified) Lead Sheet ()
I'm Going Free (Jailbreak) (Simplified) Lead Sheet ()
I'm Going Free (Jailbreak) (Simplified) Lead Sheet ()
I'm Going Free (Jailbreak) (Simplified)


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Download the sheet music for I'm Going Free (Jailbreak) (Simplified), from the album Simplified Worship. This song was arranged by PraiseCharts in the key of A,Ab,B,Bb,C,D,Db,E,Eb,F,G,Gb.

SongID 38057
Language English
Album Simplified Worship
Authors Jacob Sooter, Tyler Miller, Benji Cowart
Arrangers PraiseCharts
CCLI Song No.6561868
InstrumentsPiano, Guitar
File TypePDF
Original Key E
Available Keys A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, G, Gb
ThemesLove of God, Hope, Grace, Renewal, Liberty, Jesus, Hallelujah, Glory, Freedom, Easter


Verse 1 Go on and speak against my borrowed innocence The judge is my defense, I'm going free Right when the gavel fell,I heard the freedom bell ring through the heart of hell I'm going free, I'm going free Chorus 1 Glory, glory, hallelujah, You threw my shackles in the sea Glory, glory, hallelujah, Jesus is my liberty, I'm going free, oh, oh Verse 2 I won't go back again, that's just not who I am Lord, I'm a brand new man, I'm going free I'm on a narrow road, it's paved with grace and hope It's gonna lead me home, I'm going free, I'm going free Bridge 1 I am free, I am free indeed, I am free, I am free indeed We are free, free indeed, we are free, free indeed Tag Some day I'll fly away on Your amazing grace Your love is my jailbreak, I'm going free, one, two, three, sing...