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One Sonic Society



“It’s been a calling on our hearts.  We’re compelled to write songs for the church. We want nothing more than to serve in this way,” --   Jason Ingram.

One Sonic Society — It’s a name that implies uniqueness, creativity, unity and community. It’s the perfect moniker for a collective of accomplished writers and musicians who have come together through a shared mission to inspire and challenge the worship genre by expanding and empowering the Church with the arts.

Each member of One Sonic Society has an impressive musical resume and a wealth of experience to share with worship leaders. Jason Ingram (son of author/speaker Chip Ingram) is one of the Christian music community’s most in demand producers and songwriters who has co-written and produced hits for Tenth Avenue North, Meredith Andrews, Sanctus Real and Brandon Heath, among others.

Paul Mabury is an acclaimed drummer and songwriter who shared his gifts with Australia’s
Hillsong United and toured the world with artists including Brooke Frazier before taking up residence in Tennessee.

Jon Thatcher and Stu G. were longtime members of the pioneering U.K. worship band Delirious?, known for such modern worship anthems as “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” and “Majesty.”

Together these four creative souls share a deep love for the Lord, and a passion for the church. “There is a vision the four of us share,” says Ingram. “It’s simply a passion to see people worship God. We want to be available for God to use our gifts plus the experiences we’ve walked out, in our respective journeys, to be able to serve the church.”

One Sonic Society began with Ingram and Mabury getting together for coffee two years ago. Both had a mutual respect for each other’s creative accomplishments, but they bonded over their love for the church. “There’s been no master plan,” Ingram says of how One Sonic Society came together. “Delirious? was coming to an end and Stu G. and Jon came to town to meet new people and look at what might be next, not looking for a new band, but just hanging out.  I grabbed a coffee with them, which turned into hanging out all day, which turned into me calling Paul, which turned into us all hanging out for hours.”

The four members share a natural chemistry and an easy camaraderie. “When we get together it feels like church, it’s not complicated,” says Mabury. “If we had tried to get this group of guys together, it never would have happened.  There’s no way to get the four of us in a room together. . . and then all of a sudden we’re sitting there looking at each other.  The writing, recording and all else that has taken place with this group been very simple. It just is what it is and if people are being blessed by it and are digging it, then that’s great.”

The group members admit one thing they were very intentional about was the name.  
“‘One’ represents unity. ‘Sonic’ represents the creativity, the sound and music that we make, and ‘Society’ is the community which is the four of us coming together from different cultures and different backgrounds,” says Stu G.  

“We want to be a catalyst,” says Thatcher. “We almost want to be invisible.  We want to create something bigger than us.  This isn’t a band. This is something beyond that. "

One Sonic Society is not artist driven, but purpose driven. It is a creative coalition seeking to stir the church with new worship music and the collective is fulfilling its goal already.

Two songs, “Forever Reign” and “The Greatness of Our God” have already been recorded by
Hillsong Live. “Forever Reign” has been recorded for “WOW Worship” and Natalie Grant has recorded “The Greatness of Our God.” Many churches around the world have already begun utilizing One Sonic Society songs in their services. The OSS name is becoming a trusted brand in the worship music community and four talented musicians have discovered a new way to employ their gifts for the kingdom.

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