Jonathan David Helser

Jonathan David Helser

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Jonathan and Melissa love the global church and love getting to lead worship around the world.  They have been writing and recording music for thirteen years, and their first album, The Awakening, was released in 2005. Since then, the Helsers have released eight albums, including their most recent project, Beautiful Surrender in partnership with the Bethel Music Collective.  Jonathan and Melissa teamed up with Bethel Music in 2014 and have been featured on various Bethel Music albums such as Have It All (“Thank You”), We Will Not Be Shaken (“No Longer Slaves”), and Starlight(“Catch the Wind”).  They enjoy traveling internationally where they’ve consistently participated in events like International Bethel Tours, David’s Tent and Big Church Day Out.  Jonathan and Melissa long to see a generation encounter the love of God, and their music reflects their desire for the Earth to look just like Heaven.

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