Click Tracks are designed to complement a full band, or at least a strong rhythm section of Bass, Drums, Guitar & Keys. The downloaded audio file is a high-quality MP3 file with the CLICK & CUES panned to the LEFT channel, and the TRACK mix is panned to the RIGHT channel.  This separation allows for the drummer on stage (and anyone else on in-ear monitors) to hear the click only in their ears, while the track mix adds to the live band mix in the house.

Key Features of Click Tracks

  • Isolated Click and Track mix MP3
  • Playable on any computer or portable MP3 player or mobile device
  • Multiple keys available
  • Provides steady tempo for entire band and worship team
  • Typical Backing Instruments Included in Click Tracks:
  • Synths
  • Keys (non-lead)
  • Loops
  • Strings
  • Percussion

Recommended Playback Devices & Software

  • Laptop / Computer (Mac or PC)
  • MP3 Players such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, etc.
  • iOS Devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad)
  • Mobile Device
  • CD Player (requires the ability to burn to CD)
  • Updated Click-Cue Samples (download here)

Recommended Hardware Connectivity

  • Stereo headphone jack audio cable (simple set up), required to isolate left/right audio channels.
  • Direct Box if needed for an audio system
  • Audio interface (for better separation of audio channels)
  • Audio network (depending on audio system capabilities)

Tips for using iTunes 

If you are using iTunes, or any software that adds an audio "enhancer" option, make sure to deselect this option in your preferences. Otherwise, the separate audio channels may bleed into each side causing the click to be heard in the track channel. Also, it is recommended that the tracks be played back flat with no EQ enhancement from the playback device. It is best to make EQ adjustments at the main audio console in your worship venue.

See also: Multi TracksRhythm TracksSplit TracksVocal Tracks. 

Questions & Support

If you have any questions or issues with downloading Click Tracks from our website, please contact us at support@praisecharts.com.  David Bauer is the Managing Producer for PraiseCharts audio backing track products. You can contact him at davidbauer@praisecharts.com or visit David’s website at http://davidbauercreative.com

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