Multi Tracks

PraiseCharts introduces Multi Tracks, our newest audio track product for your Worship Band and Music Ministry. Multi Tracks is a backing track resource that fits perfectly with ClickTrack-capable worship bands AND limited situations where bass, drums, keys or guitars may be needed.  With Multi Tracks we've added professional quality guitar tracks and keys (piano).  This gives worship leaders the flexibility to dial in just the right mix for their live band, or fill in the gaps with your current band.  Multi Tracks can provide a complete band sound for any worship environment.  Check out this brief introduction video to Multi Tracks:

What’s included with MultiTracks? 

Each MultiTrack is delivered as a single ZIP file containing several mp3 audio files.  The following tracks are included with each download:

  1. Track Mix– synths, loops, strings, etc. (depending on the song)
  2. Keys / Piano
  3. Electric Guitar 1
  4. Electric Guitar 2
  5. Electric Guitar 3 (as needed, depending on the song)
  6. Acoustic Guitar (as needed, depending on the song)
  7. Drum Kit
  8. Bass
  9. Click & Vocal Cues

Click here to read the full introduction blog to Multi Tracks. Be sure to check out our online tutorials by clicking on of these links below: