Rhythm Tracks were created based on the success of Click Tracks.  Rhythm Tracks are similar to Click Tracks, built on the exact same arrangement, but intended for a different level of the worship band. Where Click Tracks are well suited for a fully developed band that has a solid rhythm section, Rhythm Tracks are designed for a smaller band that may not have live drums and bass guitar.

Rhythm Tracks are audio tracks featuring bass guitar, drums, and a little bit of synth, all mixed down into a stereo track MP3 that is well suited to accompany acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and/or piano and vocals. Rhythm Tracks use the same arrangement and basic instruments as Click Tracks; the only difference is bass and drums are featured in the front of the mix. There is no click or vocal cues in the mix.

Rhythm Tracks are not quite the same as full accompaniment tracks (i.e. Split Tracks, or Backing Tracks). There are key instruments left out of the mix, such as piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar and electric guitars. Rhythm Tracks are not recommended to be used as accompaniment tracks on their own. At a minimum, a lone keyboard player and/or an acoustic guitar player is recommended to provide the foundational instrumentation. You can add more live players as desired, depending on how the tracks are used.

Who Should Use Rhythm Tracks?

Rhythm Tracks are tailored for situations where a rhythm section is not available (i.e. drums and bass guitar). A lone worship leader, leading from guitar or keyboard, is what these tracks are designed to support. Here are a few situations that would benefit from using Rhythm Tracks:

  • Churches without drums or bass, or lack of a solid rhythm section
  • Retreats, camps, smaller venues, small-group format worship, “coffee house” worship
  • Venues with limited audio capabilities
  • Start-up churches, mobile ministries, satellite campuses
  • Traveling worship leaders who need to bring a “virtual band” with them

The Audio Mix

Rhythm Tracks are mixed in stereo to provide the best overall mix of bass and drums. Whenever possible, both channels should be used for playback through your main audio system. The tracks have been processed in such a way that audio levels are maximized for clarity and dynamics. Remember that these are produced as stereo tracks, so you cannot separate out specific instrument sounds from the mix.

Recommended Playback Devices & Software:

  • Laptop / Computer (Mac or PC)
  • MP3 Player such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, etc.
  • iOS Devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad)
  • Mobile Device
  • CD Player (requires the ability to burn to CD)

Recommended Hardware Connectivity:

  • Stereo headphone jack audio cable (simple set up, required to isolate left/right audio channels)
  • Direct Box if needed for audio system
  • Audio interface (for better separation of audio channels)
  • Audio network (depending on audio system capabilities)

Monitoring & Starting Cues

Using in-ear monitors is not required for using Rhythm Tracks. You may use whichever monitoring system is available for your audio system. 

Whenever possible, Rhythm Track provides a hi-hat or cymbal count-in for one (1) bar. Each song may start slightly differently, but in each track, listen for a soft hi-hat or cymbal playing a simple 1 - 2 - 3 & 4. Most often the final beat (4) is an open hi-hat. It is intended that this will be heard in the live house mix as well as the stage monitors.

Suggested Use for Rhythm Tracks

Rhythm Tracks are intended to be a support to a lone worship leader who does not have live drums or bass. It is not recommended that live drums or bass play with Rhythm Tracks. However, we have left room in the mix for additional keyboards, guitars, and percussion if desired. Feel free to explore your options with Rhythm Tracks. Take a listen to our demo mp3’s and decide for yourself if Rhythm Tracks are right for you and your worship experience.

See also: MultiTracksClick TracksSplit TracksVocal Tracks.

Questions & Support

If you have any questions or issues with downloading the Rhythm Tracks from our website, please contact us at support@praisecharts.com.  David Bauer is the Managing Producer for PraiseCharts audio backing track products. You can contact him at davidbauer@praisecharts.com or visit David’s website at http://davidbauercreative.com

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