Top Worship Songs For Mother's Day

Posted on May 9, 2018

Mother’s Day is not far away, and as a worship leader, you have a tremendous opportunity to plan a time of worship that honors and embraces the mothers among you, even as you honor and worship God together in corporate worship. However, if planning worship for Mother’s Day means that you are looking for that perfect song that has a specific reference to mothers, you are going to find the options somewhat thin. Getting that specific, probably the best song you will find is A Mother’s Prayer, by Keith and Kristyn Getty. Other worship songs specifically relating to mothers may take you deep into the hymn book. Like A Mother With Her Children is a great example, if your worship style is more traditional.

Beyond that, there are not a lot of “mother” themed worship songs. However, even though Mother’s Day is all about honoring mothers, it is certainly not about worshipping mothers. Truly honoring mothers on this special day means that you can select a handful of worship songs that still bring honor and focus to God, even has they reflect the heart and character of mothers. Expand your themes to include words like compassion, faithfulness, love, provision, care, healing, sonship, adoption, comfort, and redemption. These are all the qualities that mothers bring into our lives. With these themes, you can plan a powerful time of worship that will engage mothers deep within their spirit, reflecting their heart as you lead your whole congregation in worship to God. With all of that in mind, consider how these current, modern worship songs can help you plan for a powerful time of worship together, this coming Mother’s Day.

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