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Download the listening track for Show A Little Bit Of Love And Kindness (Choral Anthem SATB) by John W. Peterson, from the album Songs Of John W. Peterson.

SongID 84260
Language English
Album Songs Of John W. Peterson
Artists John W. Peterson
Authors John W. Peterson
CCLI Song No.2887
File TypeMP3
Genre choral
ThemeFriendship, Joy, Love


Chorus Show a little bit of love and kindness Never go along with hatred's blindness Take a little time to reach for joy And wear a happy face Sing a little bit when the days are dreary Give a little help to a friend who's weary That's the way to make the world a happy place Verse 1 Sing a song (sing a song) Spread some cheer (spread some cheer) There are sad and lonely people everywhere Be a friend (be a friend) Show some love (show some love) It will lift them from the dungeons of despair Verse 2 Offer help (offer help) Bring some hope (bring some hope) To the fainting and discouraged on life's road See a need (see a need) Lend a hand (lend a hand) There are many who are crushed beneath their load Verse 3 Be a light (be a light) Show the way (show the way) Be a light within the night for those astray Speak a word (speak a word) Loving word (loving word) That will bring them back to walk the narrow way...

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