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Download the listening track for While O'er Our Guilty Land O Lord by Traditional Hymn, from the album Open Hymnal.

SongID 8251
Language English
Album Open Hymnal
Artists Traditional Hymn
Authors Samuel Davies, Brian Dumont
File TypeMP3


Verse 1 While o'er our guilty land, O Lord, we view the terrors of Your sword, O where can all the helpless fly? To whom but You direct their cry? Verse 2 On You, our guardian God, we call, before Your throne of grace we fall; But is there no deliv'rance there? And must we perish in despair? Verse 3 See, we repent, we weep, we mourn; to our forsaken God we turn; O spare our guilty country, spare the Church which You have planted there. Verse 4 We are the old, the sick, the lame; we blind and deaf cry Jesus' Name. We plead Your mercy for His sake, and trust that You will not forsake. Verse 5 Christ is our only righteousness, His death for us is our redress. Your promise stronger than our sin; blot out O Lord what we have been. Verse 6 We are your children after all, redeemed by Christ after the fall. Marked with Your Name in Baptism, our home remains in Your Kingdom....

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