O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair Hymn Sheet (SATB) (Traditional Hymn)
O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair
Traditional Hymn

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Download the Hymn Sheet for O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair by Traditional Hymn, from the album Open Hymnal.


Verse 1 O wondrous type! O vision fair of glory that the Church may share, Which Christ upon the mountain shows,o where brighter than the sun He glows! Verse 2 From age to age the tale declare,o how with the three disciples there, Where Moses and Elijah meet, the Lord holds converse high and sweet. Verse 3 The law and prophets there have place, two chosen witnesses of grace; The Father's voice from out the cloud proclaims His only Son aloud. Verse 4 With shining face and bright array, Christ deigns to manifest today What glory shall be theirs above who joy in God with perfect love. Verse 5 And faithful hearts are raised on high by this great vision's mystery; For which in joyful strains we raise the voice of prayer, the hymn of praise. Verse 6 O Father, with th'Eternal Son, and Holy Spirit, ever One, Vouchsafe to bring us by Thy grace to see Thy glory face to face....

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