Jesus Wants All Of His Children Hymn Sheet (SATB) (Traditional Hymn)
Jesus Wants All Of His Children
Traditional Hymn

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Download the Hymn Sheet for Jesus Wants All Of His Children by Traditional Hymn, from the album Open Hymnal.


Verse 1 Jesus wants all of His children to be good and true; He will help if we but ask Him, help us gladly too. Verse 2 Jesus was so meek and lowly, as a little child. We will try to be like Jesus, gentle, patient, mild. Verse 3 Jesus wants us to be loving, helping when we may. We will try to be kindhearted, merciful each day. Verse 4 "Blessed are the pure in heart," thus the Savior taught. Clean in mind, in soul, in body, pure in every thought. Verse 5 When we find our friends are angry, we will to them say, "Jesus wants you to be loving, each and every day." Verse 6 When I know that I have done wrong, to Jesus I flee. He has paid for all transgressions, He has paid for me! Verse 7 Jesus knew that we would fail Him so He came to be Life to all the poor and lost ones, life eternally!...

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