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Download the listening track for Royalty (Psalm 113) by Mike Janzen, from the album The Psalms Project Vol 2: The Lifted Songs.

SongID 77089
Language English
Album The Psalms Project Vol 2: The Lifted Songs
Artists Mike Janzen
Authors Mike Janzen
CCLI Song No.7168993
File TypeMP3
Original Key Bb


Verse 1 And He lifts the poor from the dusty streets And He pulls the weak from the ashen heap To be royalty To be called His sons and daughters Verse 2 And He makes a way through the longing years In a bottle gathers up our tears And He makes a home For the homeless, lost and forgotten Chorus From the rising sun Till the setting of our days May the name of the Lord be praised Generous we give With the lavish love of Christ Then the name of the Lord is praised Verse 3 And He brings the poor to the kingdom feast And He gives the sinner the honoured seat He restores the weak Bringing dignity to the fallen Verse 4 And He holds the sick till they’re on their feet And He puts the lonely in families To be loved and love To be friends and heirs in His kingdom Bridge This is the heart, this is the way, this is the love of Christ This is Your throne, this is Your seat where mercy topples might Nothing too great, no one too small This is the heartbeat of His call Tags This is the heart of God This is the heart of God This is the heart of God...