Cages Piano/Vocal (SATB) (We The Kingdom)
Cages Piano/Vocal (SATB) (We The Kingdom)
Cages Piano/Vocal (SATB) (We The Kingdom)
We The Kingdom


Piano/Vocal (SATB) Details

Download the sheet music for Cages by We The Kingdom, from the album Holy Water. This song was arranged by Daniel Galbraith in the key of Bm, Cm.

SongID 75267
Language English
Album Holy Water
Artists We The Kingdom
Authors Ed Cash, Scott Cash, Franni Cash, Andrew Bergthold, Martin Cash, Kyle Briskin
Arrangers Daniel Galbraith
Publishers Capitol CMG
CCLI Song No.7158081
File TypePDF
Original Key Cm
Available Keys Bm, Cm
ThemeChange, Courage, Trust, Victory


Verse 1 What if I got real honest, what if I took a risk What if I opened up my heart and let you see in What if I took my mask off, trying to fit in I don’t wanna be a mannequin Verse 2 What if I let my guard down, what if I took a breath What if I wasn’t perfect, what if I was just a mess What if I bled my soul out, given all I could give I’m so tired of pretending Chorus I’m coming out of my cages I’m stepping down from my stages I’m sick and tired of faking it What I wouldn’t give to be known what I wouldn’t give to be known . Verse 3 What if I got new armor, what if I swung my sword What if I face my demons like I’ve never done before What if I hung my banner, what if I chose a side What if I knew I couldn’t lose this time Bridge Coming out of my cages, coming out of my cages, oh...

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