It Is Finished (Live From Passion 2020)
Passion / Melodie Malone

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Download the sheet music for It Is Finished (Live From Passion 2020) by Passion / Melodie Malone, from the album Roar (Live From Passion 2020). This song was arranged by Jeff Moore in the key of E, F.


Verse 1 The cross is my beginning, the line drawn in the sand The end of all my striving, now I am born again Verse 2 There, Jesus was forsaken, so I will never be His grace is my salvation, the gift of God, the work of Calvary Chorus 1 It is done, it is finished, Christ has won, He is risen Grace is here, love has triumphed over death, forever Verse 3 The cross needs no addition, His mercy is complete His love is not in question, the Son of God has spoken over me Bridge Strongholds, bowing to the Saviour, resurrection power over every circumstance His Word stands final and forever, it will not be shaken, He alone has won it all Chorus 2 It is done, it is finished, mercy won, I'm forgiven Sing His name, He is worthy of our praise, Jesus...