Baptized Piano/Vocal (SATB) (Zach Williams)
Baptized Piano/Vocal (SATB) (Zach Williams)
Baptized Piano/Vocal (SATB) (Zach Williams)
Zach Williams


Piano/Vocal (SATB) Details

Download the sheet music for Baptized by Zach Williams, from the album Rescue Story. This song was arranged by Jeff Moore / Dustin Loehrs in the key of B, Bb.

SongID 73742
Language English
Album Rescue Story
Artists Zach Williams
Authors Jonathan Smith, Zach Williams, Tim Nichols
Arrangers Jeff Moore, Dustin Loehrs
Publishers Essential Music Publishing
CCLI Song No.7137684
File TypePDF
Original Key B
Available Keys B, Bb
ThemeBaptism, Blood, Christian Life, Holy Spirit, Peace, Proclamation, Singing, Altar


Verse 1 I can still see the steeple, a little church on the hill There was a line at the alter every pew had been filled I remember the water the choir singing old hymns There was a peace in the valley as the preacher man he said Chorus In the name of the Father, the name of the Son The name of the Spirit, you’re washed by the blood I’m buried with Christ, raised in new life, baptized Verse 2 I can still hear the sermon, all the people said Amen There was a gift of salvation and you could be born again I remember the power, the Holy Spirit rushing in There was a peace like a river, when the preacher man said Bridge All those old stained glass windows and the stories they tell All the memories as clear as the day I was there All those years I spent running, You’ve given me back And now I’m stepping in, oh, I’m stepping in, now I’m stepping in Tag I can still see the steeple, a little church on the hill...

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