Alive And Breathing Chords & Lyrics (Matt Maher / Elle Limebear)
Alive And Breathing
Matt Maher / Elle Limebear

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Download the PDF Chord Charts for Alive And Breathing by Matt Maher / Elle Limebear, from the album Alive & Breathing. This song was arranged by Grant Wall / Dan Galbraith in the key of Gb, G.

SongID 73539
Language English
Album Alive & Breathing
Artists Matt Maher, Elle Limebear
Authors Matt Maher, Elle Limebear
Arrangers Grant Wall, Dan Galbraith
Publishers Essential Music Publishing
CCLI Song No.7138680
InstrumentsGuitar, Ukelele, Piano
File TypePDF
Original Key F#
Available Keys A, Ab, B, Bb, C, C#, D, Db, E, Eb, F, F#, G, G#, Gb, Numbers, Numerals
ThemesWonder, Lord, Singing, Alive, Praise, Blessing, Soul, Heart, Life, Joy, Hope


Verse What holds your heart, what stirs your soul what matters come to mind The cares you keep, the thoughts you think It’s not all wasted time, seek and you will find Chorus Joy still comes in the morning, hope still walks with the hurting If you’re still alive and breathing, praise the Lord Don’t stop dancing and dreaming,  there’s still good news worth repeating So lift your head and keep singing, praise the Lord Verse The years roll by, we wonder why We lost our way from home Our Father finds the child inside   We had left for growing old, awake, awake, awake my soul Bridge 1 Let everything, let everything Let everything praise the Lord Bridge 2 In the working, in the waiting, let it praise the Lord In the blessing, the breaking, come on praise the Lord In the dying, the rising, let it praise the Lord Let it praise the Lord, praise the Lord...

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