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Download the PDF Chord Charts for Amen by for KING & COUNTRY, from the album Burn The Ships.

SongID 72095
Language English
Album Burn The Ships
Artists for KING & COUNTRY
Authors Tedd Tjornhom, Seth Mosley, Joel Smallbone, Luke Smallbone, Mike Busbee
Publishers Curb/Word Music, Capitol CMG, Centricity Music
CCLI Song No.7114309
InstrumentsGuitar, Ukelele, Piano
File TypePDF
Original Key Am
Available Keys Am, Bbm, Bm, C#m, Cm, D#m, Dm, Ebm, Em, F#m, Fm, G#m, Gm, Numbers, Numerals
ThemeAlive, Commitment, Devotion, Love, Prayer, Resurrection, Salvation


Verse 1 Count to three and say a prayer, down for love and up for air Underwater overjoyed, water for a thirsty soul Water for a thirsty soul Verse 2 Baptize me into Your love, o my spirit’s overcome Body mind and skin and bone, love I’m gonna make it known Love I’m gonna make it known Pre-Chorus Yeah I’m coming alive with You, I'm coming alive with You I was living a lie till You, I'm coming alive with You Chorus All the people say amen, amen All the people say amen, amen, amen Verse 3 Resurrection day is here, bells are ringing loud and clear Caterpillar to a butterfly Risen to another life, risen to another life Bridge You're in my blood, my veins, in every word I pray You gave it all for me, I'll give it all for You O, I'm in love with You, overwhelmed by You And if the world is listening This is my confession, You are my obsession...

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