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Download the listening track for World Needs Jesus by River Valley Worship, from the album Million Lifetimes.

SongID 71095
Language English
Album Million Lifetimes
Artists River Valley Worship
Authors Aaron Johnson, Evan John, Ryan Williams, Wesley Schrock
CCLI Song No.7084830
TempoMed Slow
File TypeMP3
Original Key C


Verse 1 When our homes are hit by heartbreak, let Your presence meet us there When the pain seems overwhelming, we hold onto You Verse 2 When the streets are torn by chaos, we will be Your hands and feet When the darkness brings division, may we be Your light Chorus 1 Cause we know our world needs Jesus We know our world needs freedom So give us eyes to see the hurting and the broken Let our lives align with every word You say Verse 3 When the nations ache from violence, we will be Your blessed peace When the headlines scream injustice, may we shout Your name Bridge So let every heart turn to Jesus Let every voice sing of Your great name Let all the earth know Your freedom Cause believe for more Tag We believe for more Chorus 2 Cause I know I need You, Jesus And I know this heart needs healing So from my knees I lift this prayer to You, my Savior For my life and for the world, You're the answer, Jesus...

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