Find Us Chords & Lyrics (Jaylene Johnson)
Find Us Chords & Lyrics (Jaylene Johnson)
Find Us
Jaylene Johnson


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Download the PDF Chord Charts for Find Us by Jaylene Johnson, from the album Potter & Clay.

SongID 55310
Language English
Album Potter & Clay
Artists Jaylene Johnson
Authors Jaylene Johnson
CCLI Song No.7081281
InstrumentsGuitar, Ukelele, Piano
File TypePDF
Original Key Am
Available Keys Am, Bbm, Bm, C#m, Cm, D#m, Dm, Ebm, Em, F#m, Fm, G#m, Gm, Numbers, Numerals


Verse 1 Find us in the shadows Find us in the dark Find us in the corners Where we don't think You'd ever go Find us in our failures Where we've been thrown back to the start Find us as we question All the things we used to know Pre-Chorus We are lost (so lost) We hide (we hide) All the fear we have inside Chorus 1 Find us, find us Oh Great Love, find us Verse 3 In our anger Find us in our pain Find us in our envy Our rebellion and our pride Find us in the graveyard Meet us where we are Lead us to the holy place You spread Your arms out wide Chorus 2 Find us, find us Oh Great Love (repeat) Find us...