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Download the listening track for Pray Pray Again by Jaylene Johnson, from the album Potter & Clay.

SongID 55303
Language English
Album Potter & Clay
Artists Jaylene Johnson
Authors Jaylene Johnson
CCLI Song No.7081286
File TypeMP3
Original Key C


Verse 1 Pray when you're troubled, pray when you're tired Pray when you're empty, sad or uninspired Pray like Elijah, calling for rain God's gonna answer, pray, pray again Verse 2 Pray, when you don't have words Pray from your heart Pray when you doubt you're heard Alone in the dark Pray every question We don't know when But God's gonna answer Pray, pray again Chorus 1 Pray, pray, Pray, pray again Pray, pray, Pray, pray again Verse 3 Pray when you're thankful, praise like you should Pray when you're happy, say God is good Pray, pray in Jesus' Name, Thy will, Amen God's gonna answer, Pray, pray again Chorus 2 Pray, pray, Pray, pray again Pray, pray, Pray, pray again...