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Download the listening track for May God Be Everywhere I Go by Mosaic MSC, from the album Glory & Wonder.

SongID 28856
Language English
Album Glory & Wonder
Artists Mosaic MSC
Authors Andres Figueroa, Mariah McManus, Matt Maher
CCLI Song No.7065048
File TypeMP3
Original Key C


Verse 1 I've come alive in the strength of Heaven Eyes are open wide in the light of the sun I've come alive in your grace and mercy Darkness fades away until there is none Chorus Your light to guide me, Your hands to hold me Your presence when I'm alone Your heart is beating forever with me Your voice will call me home Tag 1 May God be everywhere I go Verse 2 We have come alive to see your beauty Hear the melody of your song The crisp and open fields you have set before me In the sight of you I'm free to run Tag 2 May God be everywhere I go May God be everywhere I go Bridge Always, always before me, always beside me Always, always you love me, always, always End May God be everywhere I go May God be everywhere I go...

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