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Download the listening track for Victory by Highlands Worship, from the album Here I Surrender.

SongID 28618
Language English
Album Here I Surrender
Artists Highlands Worship
Authors CJ Blount, Trevin Gates
CCLI Song No.7067551
File TypeMP3
Original Key Bb


Verse 1 Hearts rejoicing, breaking silence, You are my God alone Time to stand on, Your word with passion, heaven's our home Pre-Chorus I can't stop giving You praise, Your fame will last forever I won't stop living for Your name, declaring Your praise Chorus You're my victory, reason why I sing, everything I need There's no other name, that deserves all praise, You're my victory, (Jesus) Verse 2 My life transformed, in Your Holy presence, given to Your call alone My shame is buried, I live in freedom, my God has won Instrumental You're my victory, You're my victory Bridge There's nothing I want more, to see You high and lifted up There's nothing more powerful than Your name, Your name...

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