Majesty Orchestration (VCC Live / Relate Church)

Majesty Orchestration (VCC Live / Relate Church)


VCC Live / Relate Church

Orchestration Details

Download the Orchestration for Majesty by VCC Live / Relate Church, from the album Majesty. This song was arranged by John Wasson in the key of G, Ab.

SongID 2368
Language English
Album Majesty
Artists VCC Live, Relate Church
Authors Josh Loeve, Destiny Loeve
Arrangers John Wasson
Publishers Victory Music Canada
CCLI Song No.4651433
InstrumentsPiano, Keyboard, Guitars, Drums, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, French Horn, Violin, Viola, Cello, Keybaord Synth, Flute/Obo, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax
File TypePDF
Original Key G
Available Keys Ab, F, G
ThemesAwesome, Beauty, Benediction, Blessing, Blood, Breakthrough, Christian Life, Death, Destiny, Easter, Exaltation, Glory, Honor, Hosanna, Integrity, Kingship, Lamb, Life, Power, Sin, Victory, Shame, Radiance, Adoration, Communion, Cross, Majesty, Worship, Lent


{t:Majesty} {} {k:G} {d_t:138} {d_ok:G} {f:?2003 Victory Music Canada (Admin. by Integrity's Hosanna! Music). All rights reserved. CCLI song No.4651433. By Destiny Loeve, Josh Loeve} {c:Intro (6/8)} [G5][/][|][/] {c:Verse} King of all [G5]kings, Lamb that was [Dsus]brok - [D]en Lifted for [Em7]all our [C2]sin and [G5]shame He bled and He [G5]died and rose up to [Dsus]save [D]us Defeated [Em7]death and gave [C2]life forev - [Dsus]er - [D]more [Dsus][D] {soc} {c:Chorus} [G]Majes - [D5]ty worship Your [Em7]majes - [C2]ty Beautiful [G]One [D]You [Em7]capti - [C2]vate [G]Glo - [D5]ry in awe of Your [Em7]glo - [C2]ry Radiant [G]King [D]en - [Em7]throned on [C2]high {eoc} {c:Verse} {soc} {c:Chorus} {eoc} {c:Bridge 1 (6x)} [C2]Glory [D5]in the [Em7]highest [D/F#] [C2]Glory [D5]in the [Em7]highest [D/F#] {c:Bridge 2 (2x)} [C2]Blessing and honor and [D]glory and power for - [Em7]ever, for - [D/F#]ever [C2]Blessing and honor And [D]glory and power for - [Em7]ever, for - [D/F#]ever [C2] {define: G5 base-fret 1 frets 3 x 0 0 3 3} {define: Dsus base-fret 1 frets x x 0 2 3 3} {define: D base-fret 1 frets x x 0 2 3 2} {define: Em7 base-fret 1 frets 0 2 2 0 3 0} {define: C2 base-fret 1 frets x 3 2 0 3 3} {define: G base-fret 1 frets 3 2 0 0 3 3} {define: D5 base-fret 1 frets x x 0 2 3 x} {define: D/F# base-fret 1 frets 2 0 0 2 3 2}...