Good (Adam And Eve) Piano/Vocal Pack (Matthew West / Leigh Nash)
Good (Adam And Eve) Piano/Vocal Pack (Matthew West / Leigh Nash)
Good (Adam And Eve) Piano/Vocal Pack (Matthew West / Leigh Nash)
Good (Adam And Eve)
Matthew West / Leigh Nash

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Download the sheet music for Good (Adam And Eve) by Matthew West / Leigh Nash, from the album Music Inspired By The Story. This song was arranged by John Wasson in the key of Am, Bm.

SongID 23594
Language English
Album Music Inspired By The Story
Artists Matthew West, Leigh Nash
Authors Bernie Herms, Nichole Nordeman
Arrangers John Wasson
CCLI Song No.6120474
File TypePDF
Original Key Bm
Available Keys Bm
ThemesChange, Desire, Forgiveness


Verse 1 If I could, I'd rewrite history I'd choose differently, If I could, I would I'd leave out the part, where I broke Your heart In the garden's shade, fix the mess I made If I could, I would Verse 2 If I could, close my eyes and then Dance around again, if I could, I would Be who You adored, why did I need more When beauty was not trained, to hide behind my shame If I could, I would Chorus Can You hear us cry, wishing we could turn back time to feel Your breath when branches move, take one more sunset walk with You Must each tomorrow hold, such brokenness untold Can't imagine how You could, see all of me and say it's good Verse 3 If I could (if I could) hold one memory It would surely be (surely be) how You walked with us I'd go back in time, (back in time) untill my first lie And let love's injury, heal inspite of me Interlude And say it's good Bridge It is good, it is good You still love us more than we believed You could Could there be something more Will it ever be the way it was before...