When Trials Come Chords & Lyrics (Keith & Kristyn Getty)
When Trials Come
Keith & Kristyn Getty

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Download the PDF Chord Charts for When Trials Come by Keith & Kristyn Getty, from the album Awaken The Dawn.

SongID 15152
Language English
Album Awaken The Dawn
Artists Keith & Kristyn Getty
Authors Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty
CCLI Song No.4619523
InstrumentsGuitar, Ukelele, Piano
File TypePDF
Original Key Eb
Available Keys A, Ab, B, Bb, C, C#, D, Db, E, Eb, F, F#, G, G#, Gb, Numbers, Numerals
ThemesFaith, Modern Hymn, Power, Sustainer, Trials


{t:When Trials Come} {su:www.praisecharts.com/15152} {k:Eb} {d_t:100} {d_ok:Eb} {c:Verse 1} [Bb]When [Eb]trials come no [Ab6]longer [Eb/Bb]fear for [Eb]in the pain our [Ab]God draws [Bb]near [Eb/G]To [Ab]fire a [Eb/G]faith worth more than [Cm7]gold and [Eb/G]there His [Abmaj7]faithful - [Bb]ness is [Cm7]told And [Eb/G]there His [Abmaj7]faithful - [Bb7]ness is [Eb]told[Abadd9][Ab/Bb] {c:Verse 2} [Bb]With - [Eb]in the night I [Ab6]know Your [Eb/Bb]peace, the [Eb]breath of God brings [Ab]strength to [Bb]me [Eb/G]And [Ab]new each [Eb/G]morning mercy [Cm7]flows, as [Eb/G]treasures [Abmaj7]of the [Bb]darkness [Cm7]grow As [Eb/G]treasures [Abmaj7]of the [Bb7]darkness [Eb]grow[Abadd9][Ab/Bb] {c:Verse 3} [Bb]I [Eb]turn to wisdom [Ab6]not my [Eb/Bb]own, for [Eb]ev'ry battle [Ab]You have [Bb]known [Eb/G]My [Ab]confi - [Eb/G]dence will rest in [Cm7]You, Your [Eb/G]love en - [Abmaj7]dures, Your [Bb]ways are [Cm7]good Your [Eb/G]love en - [Abmaj7]dures Your [Bb7]ways are [Eb]good[Abadd9][Ab/Bb] {c:Verse 4} [Bb]When [Eb]I am weary [Ab6]with the [Eb/Bb]cost, I [Eb]see the triumph [Ab]of the [Bb]cross [Eb/G]So [Ab]in it's [Eb/G]shadow I shall [Cm7]run, 'till [Eb/G]You [Abmaj7]complete the [Bb]work be - [Cm7]gun 'Till [Eb/G]You [Abmaj7]complete the [Bb7]work be - [Eb]gun[Abadd9][Ab/Bb] {c:Verse 5} [Bb]One [Eb]day all things will [Ab6]be made [Eb/Bb]new, I'll [Eb]see the hope You [Ab]called me [Bb]to [Eb/G]And [Ab]in Your [Eb/G]Kingdom paved with [Cm7]gold, I'll [Eb/G]praise Your [Abmaj7]faithful - [Bb]ness of [Cm7]old I'll [Eb/G]praise Your [Abmaj7]faithful - [Bb7]ness of [Eb]old...

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