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Songs From The Soil



Songs From The Soil exists to reignite the UK Church’s songbook by creating fertile spaces where new songs of worship might grow. We seek to gather and inspire songwriters and worship leaders from all over the UK, to craft songs infused with the flavor of their local context, capturing a return to the land in our melodies and sung theology.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of singing timeless classics from the saints of old; hymns both ancient and modern. In recent years, we have also been blessed with the multifaceted wisdom and creativity of the global church, however, it seems we have lost the taste for the homegrown worship song. Songs From The Soil desires to inspire the UK Church to give space to what God is doing locally, as well as globally.

Like a garden, we are going to need patience and diligence for these new songs to grow, but we aren’t in a rush. We commit to taking on the unforced rhythms of grace that marked out the life of Jesus, recognizing that where we can be patient, we can be healthy.

Join us in cultivating a garden of songs from and for the local Church! Now is the time to nurture a new vibrant hymnal to the Lord, a hymnal of songs rooted in a particular place, and a particular time."

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