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Gateway Worship Español

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Gateway Worship en Español is a worship music collective, which brings together voices and songs from the community of Hispanic performers within Gateway Church, in collaboration with renowned ministries. Among them, Daniel Calveti, Julian and Becky Collazos, Christine D'Clario, Lilly Goodman, Travy Joe, Josh and Luis Morales from Miel San Marcos, Jacobo Ramos, Julissa Rivera, Armando Sánchez, and Coalo and Lorena Zamorano, who make Gateway Church your home. The heart of this team is focused on blessing nations with songs and resources in their own language. Gateway Church is a Bible-based, Spirit-empowered, evangelistic church headquartered in Southlake, Texas. Gateway's global ministry is working to build the kingdom of God by partnering with other churches and worshipers, equipping leaders with a variety of resources, and supporting outreach around the world.

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