Jon Reddick

Jon Reddick



Reddick has made a living performing on stage, singing and playing the keyboard and piano both at church and with Christian and Gospel artists. He’s served as a Minister of Music and Worship Pastor and has simultaneously written gospel songs and done session work for other artists’ albums. As Reddick has grown and matured in his musical profession, he has also become more self-aware, leading him to gain a greater understanding of his strengths and weaknesses. He noticed, that he could lose himself in music, focusing on the singular goal of making beautiful sounds, but when it came to art, he struggled to find satisfaction in his work, always finishing quickly, but never being truly satisfied with the end result. As he came to better understand and accept the places where he struggles, he came to realize that his music could influence his painting and allow him to refocus, redirect, and understand his limitations.

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