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Thrive Worship, initially the worship team for Bayside Church in Sacramento, CA, has expanded into an eight-campus worship family, shaping Northern California through their songs and Sunday night worship services. Comprising an ever-evolving group of diverse musicians, Thrive Worship creates new church songs reflecting hope for the future and love for the Savior. Teaming up with Integrity Music, Thrive Worship, led by Peter Burton, Charmaine Wells, and Corbin Phillips, releases "A Thousand More," an album brimming with original worship tunes inspired by the vibrant ministry at Bayside Church. Their diverse congregation influences their music, ranging from Gospel to pop. Their message centers on hope, aiming to inspire both churchgoers and those beyond, fostering inclusivity. Thrive Worship also runs a worship school, nurturing aspiring leaders. Despite their various commitments, they remain dedicated to their primary role as campus worship pastors. This group of passionate individuals aims to lead people towards a hopeful future through their infectious, truth-filled music, emphasizing that Jesus guides us even in challenging times, and our best days lie ahead.

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