Anthony Evans

Anthony Evans



In a prolific fifteen-year career encompassing studio recordings, songwriting, worship leadership, vocal arrangements, and acting, Anthony Evans has forged an authentic artistic journey. With chart-topping gospel hits, crossovers into pop, Grammy-winning projects, and a stint on NBC's "The Voice," Evans tirelessly pursued inner peace. His memoir, "Unexpected Places," sparked soul-searching, leading to a shift in perspective. The 2019 album "Altared" epitomizes this change, blending reworked covers with original tracks. Embracing individuality, influenced by unexpected experiences in Los Angeles, and urged on by Christina Aguilera, Evans crafts a unique blend of gospel, R&B, and pop, backed by top-tier talent. His music resonates with deep meaning, reflecting his journey of finding peace through self-acceptance and faith. Evans focuses on his calling, emphasizing that his art is meant for the hearts and souls of those who listen, not just for industry charts. Alongside his sister, Priscilla Shirer, he embarks on the "FerVent 2.0" tour, combining faith-based expressions from "Altared" with messages from Priscilla's work. Anthony Evans remains open to new opportunities, building a career and impacting lives step by step, reflecting the same dedication he applies to his spiritual journey.

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