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Simpleville Music began on the kitchen table of Bart Millard in Greenville, Texas in 1999. As a young songwriter and the lead singer of a little band called MercyMe, he dutifully filled out a music publisher's application with the hopes and dreams of maybe someday hearing one of their band's songs played on the local radio station. When prompted to fill out names for their publishing company, he imagined a place where friends would meet to hang out, laugh and write songs. Simpleville seemed a fitting name.

A few years later, MercyMe's songs were indeed played on the radio. Not just on the local radio station, but all over the world. The band toured like mad and their schedule was packed with the demands of their accelerating career. But always in the back of their minds was Simpleville.

Finally, after a late night band meeting, Simpleville made its way off paper and into operation. Staff was hired and writers were signed. The Afters, Phil Wickham, Sam Mizell, Doug McKelvey, Don Chaffer and several others joined the growing Simpleville family. Soon, MercyMe's songs weren't as lonely on the radio charts as new Simpleville songs joined those ranks and also found their way into TV shows and movie theaters as well. Today Simpleville Music is one of the brightest up-and-coming independent music publishing companies in Nashville, Tennessee. Take a look around to see and hear what we've been up to.

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