Imagine a NewSong album that pays homage to the renowned band’s calling card—message-filled power pop that brings down the house in some of the country’s largest venues—yet has production sensibilities so forward-looking, it could have only been helmed by one of Christian music’s most revered producers.  Now, stop daydreaming and grab your iPod.

When NewSong tapped genre-bending producer Charlie Peacock (Switchfoot, Ten Out of Tenn) for the project, the seasoned vets nailed it. “Give Yourself Away is true to who we are, but it’s new and exciting,” says lead singer Russ Lee. “It’s authentic, sonically relevant and fresh.  In a word, modern.”

Safe to say NewSong’s production, while always impressive, had never seen the likes of Charlie Peacock. Yet how did the brilliant but difficult-to-categorize producer enter the picture? It all goes back to the humble but remarkable servant of Christ who inspired NewSong’s 1999 #1 hit, “Jesus to the World (Roaring Lambs).” Explains NewSong founding member Eddie Carswell, “Bob Briner was very close to both Charlie and us, and he had spoken to Charlie about the group.”

“Bob put his endorsement on these men,” affirms Charlie. “If a giant of a man gives another his blessing, you take it seriously, even if your worlds appear very different at first.  With that, I launched into NewSong’s world.” Make no mistake; the expanding of horizons was mutual. “I enjoyed writing songs with Eddie and Russ,” Charlie continues. “Left to my own devices, I usually write to the small rooms.  Not them.  They are always writing with the arena in mind. It’s a completely different way of seeing and hearing.” And once the producer hit record? “NewSong is nothing if not dedicated to their mission and audience.  They carried the ball all the way to the end zone on this record—persisting until they knew it was the best it could be,” Charlie says.

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