Kim Noblitt

Kim Noblitt



I have been a Christian Concert artist and songwriter most of my adult life. But my passion, my gift, what brings me the most joy in life is leading God's people into His presence. There is nothing more rewarding or satisfying than looking out over a congregation of tired, weary people, and watching as the Holy Spirit restores their souls.

We are blessed beyond measure to do what we do. There is no greater calling than to lead the people of God into a deeper more intimate relationship with the one who knows them best. I know you feel the same way.

It is the goal and mission of this ministry to help you do just that. We want to be your partner. We want to make available to you everything the Lord has invested in us. And we want to present it to you in the easiest most convenient way possible. That's why you will be able to purchase songs on an individual basis. That's why you'll be able to purchase JUST the parts you need. We KNOW what it's like to be "in the trenches." And we want to give you what you need.

We are here to serve you. To walk this walk with you. I can think of no greater prayer to say for you than this: “Oh, that He would bless you indeed, And enlarge your territory, That His hand would be with you And that He would keep you from evil…” God has granted my request. And, I know He is more than able to grant yours, as well.”

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