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The pulse....the rhythm...the soul...alive with a song.  The atmosphere swells and the moment explodes with music and once's all about the worship.  That is the heartbeat behind the ministry of Geron Davis and Kindred Souls.
Geron and Becky Davis have become names synonymous with church music everywhere. Holy Ground, In the Presence of Jehovah, Mercy Saw Me, Send It On Down, Holy Of Holies, Gentle Hands, Peace Speaker, and Something About My Praise are only a few of the many songs this talented duo have written over the years. Co-partners in life and ministry, they have dedicated themselves to a passion that is the culmination of talent and ingenuity, but most importantly a calling. Not only have Geron and Becky grown to be leaders in the music industry as songwriters and vocalists, they are an integral part of the current upward trend the praise and worship genre is experiencing around the world today.
The early years of Geron and Becky's ministry were spent serving in the capacity of music minister's at churches in Texas and Louisiana while continuing to travel part time.  In the mid 90's they felt God leading them to Nashville and eventually made the move.  Soon thereafter Geron asked his sister, Alyson Lovern and her husband Shelton, to join him and Becky to form the group, "Geron Davis and Kindred Souls." The move was not only right geographically, it was right musically and spiritually. Having released their debut album, "Let It Rain," in 2002, the tight familial timbre and groove this group produces have been compared to Avalon, Manhattan Transfer, and the former group First Call. The album gained considerable attention on AC charts as well as being a break out project for them. Kindred Souls continues with a musical style that embraces a traditional sound, wrapped in a contemporary, edgy package, ultimately leading them into some of the country's largest churches and music programs. They are on the road most of the year, conducting choral workshops and seminars, bringing fresh new music that brings renewed vision and excitement to America 's churches.
Recently Kindred Souls have taken on a new endeavor, not as professional musicians, but as parents. They started a youth music ministry called PrayZchoir at their home church, Christ Church Nashville. Geron and Becky, Shelton and Alyson all have children growing up in the church and they wanted to be a part of a growing desire among other parents, to involve their kids in ministry. They could think of no better way to accomplish this than with music. The 70 plus members of singers, musicians, sound technicians, lighting techs, filmmakers, and stage managers, all between the ages of 13 and 19 have already experienced incredible success. Not only have they toured many places along the east coast, they’ve also performed in front of thousands at the Christ Church Worship Conference; these kids are getting a taste of what its like to be in ministry. They are also just releasing their first recording, Invisible. Future plans are to have the group tour internationally. Kindred Souls are mentoring, growing, training, and loving these kids on a weekly basis . . . and loving every minute of it.
Another big event for GD&KS is their Christmas tour in December. The release of Geron’s Christmas work, "Hope Has Come" with Integrity Music, coupled with a Christmas Television Special on ABC, brought requests from many churches for the group to be guests for their Christmas concerts. As a former music pastor, Geron remembered the hours of work and stress that can go along with putting together a major event. He decided that this would be a great way to put a first class technical celebration together and take it with them to the churches. In addition to having an awesome experience for the audiences, it would also allow ministers of music and worship departments to actually enjoy the month of December by taking much of the work off of them. With an incredible lighting system (and a lighting director), breath-taking media (and a media tech), a cutting edge audio system (and an audio tech), GD&KS can be found celebrating Christmas in a variety of places throughout the holiday season. “Most people celebrate one or two days,” Geron says. “We celebrate all month”! Alyson even decorates the bus with lights and keeps holiday cookies and cider onboard to invoke the seasonal sights and fragrances. As Alyson says, “there’s no place like our bus for the holidays”!

Their latest collection, "Amen", is an Integrity Music Hosanna project. “The opportunity to be involved with Integrity and their incredible global impact is truly an honor”, Geron says. The live worship recording took place at Kindred Souls’ home church in Nashville. Regi Stone and the Christ Church Singers provided the vocal backup. Becky adds, “We’ve recorded projects all over the country, but it was really special for us to be able to do this one at our home church with our home team backing us up”. Response to this project from music ministries all over the globe have already indicated that this collection of worship music is one of their best ever. In addition to "Amen", 2006 also brought the release of Geron’s first children’s project. "A King Is Coming To Town" is a Christmas story set in the town square of Rumor’s Mill. The colorful characters and fun songs are woven together to make the traditional story come to life in a very non-traditional way! The music is written in a pop radio style, designed to be fun for kids to sing. Another project releasing this year is an Easter work, "Then And There . . . Settled And Done", featuring solos by Kindred Souls, Regi Stone, and Russ Taff. This ressurection celebration includes worship, drama, and communion. In January of 2007, Geron Davis & Kindred Souls will release a new live worship CD, "He Is Great". Recorded live in Atlanta at Mt. Paran North, this project features ten brand new songs and a remake of one of everyone’s favorite, Peace Speaker. These new recordings, as well as past recordings, will be available immediately upon release in the Music and Product section of this website.

Geron's heart has always been people...God's people. Ministering to people that minister to people. That's what they will continue to do. "Some of the greatest advice Becky and I ever received was from Bill and Gloria Gaither. They said, 'if you will go for the hearts and not for the charts, you'll always win.'" That's been the foundational mindset for this group ever since . . . and the pulse beats on stronger than ever. The purpose, as always, is worship.

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