Derick Thomas

Derick Thomas



For years Derick Thomas has been behind the scenes writing music with Artists such as Grammy Award winning Israel Houghton, Dove and Stellar Award winning Martha Munizzi and Grammy Award winning Producer Aaron Lindsey. Derick's music has been heard around the globe in churches of all denominations, cultures and all walks of life.

Derick has recently transitioned from being a Minister of Fine Arts for 19 years at Cornerstone Church in Toledo Ohio to Consulting worship teams and Teaching, Writing and Recording the Sound of their Houses. Over the years writing from the word in the house has created a sound that other artist are hearing, appreciating and putting on their new projects. Now Derick is providing his experience to both novice and experienced worship teams.

As an Air Force brat, Derick grew up over International waters. Born in Puerto Rico, living in Europe and raised on the streets of Chicago. Dericks’ music reflects the diversity of his upbringing. The cross cultural appeal of Dericks’ music is being felt in churches around the globe and though Derick has traveled much in his life and ministry, his music has traveled further.

The Christian Music Industry is beginning to recognize the writings of Derick and the Sound in his mouth. Nominated for Dove and Stellar Awards in the producer and Contemporary Song of the Year categories and topping the billboard charts Derick has garnered the respect of his peers.

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