Vocal Practice Tracks

Vocal Practice Tracks are high quality tracks that are derived from our Multi Track stems, and have been designed to resource Worship Team vocalists who will be singing backup vocals during a given service.


When you purchase Vocal Practice Tracks from PraiseCharts, you will receive the following in a zip folder:

  • Soprano-Melody Mix - this includes a full mix with all of the harmony parts, sung to the Multi Track of the particular song with the melody line featured in front of the other parts
  • Tenor Mix - this includes the full mix with all of the harmony parts, but with the tenor harmony featured in front of the other parts
  • Alto Mix - this includes the full mix with all of the harmony parts, but with the alto harmony featured in front of the other parts
  • Individual Vocal Stems - this will include the individual tenor and alto vocal track on it’s very own, for use in nailing your harmony in personal practice, or as a Multi Track stem

Suggested Use

Vocal Practice Tracks can be used in a number of different ways:

  1. Rehearsal - these tracks will assist any vocalist struggling to find his/her part in the song. This is especially helpful in a high-paced environment, where time is limited. Instead of needing to spend those extra 15 minutes during rehearsal to figure out the vocal lines, Vocal Tracks give the opportunity for singers to come prepared and comfortable with their given parts.
  2. Multi Track Stem - Because we offer the individual vocal stems on their own, these can also be used in a situation where you want that alto or tenor vocal, but your singer is unavailable. If you use our Click, Rhythm, Band, or Multi Tracks, you can simply mix in the desired harmony and use it as you play, live.

To see a complete list of songs in our catalog that have Vocal Practice Tracks available, go to the Song List page and click on the Vocal Tracks checkbox under Search Filters in the right sidebar.  That will narrow the list of titles down to only those that have Vocal Tracks available. 

See also: Choir Practice Tracks, Rhythm Tracks, Click Tracks, Split Tracks, Multi Tracks.

Copy Permission

When you purchase an audio file from PraiseCharts, you can make up to five (5) copies for practical uses.  This is similar to standards set out by iTunes, etc.  If you need to make additional copies, you can simply purchase them right on the song page or you can contact us about purchasing additional Permission To Copy

We want to hear from you!

If you have comments, suggestions, or any feedback, we’d love to hear your thoughts at support@praisecharts.com. We believe that Vocal Practice Tracks will become a much needed resource for Worship Team singers everywhere!