Tell me more about Print & Ship!

How does it work?
When print on demand is available (which will be true about 90% of the time), you are able to select that delivery option just before you checkout. As soon as your order is complete, we'll send the file off to our printer and have it shipped to you within days. 

But what if you're out of stock?
Great news! That's not actually possible with print on demand. We have an endless supply of every song, ready to print on the fly the moment you need it!

Will I receive loose-leaf sheets or stapled booklets?
At this time, most of our sheet music products are single side, loose-leaf. However, we're starting to add the Octavo format for our choral music. If you order an Octavo, you'll get beautifully printed booklets in the traditional Octavo format that you know and love. The Octavo contains the same arrangement as our Piano/Choir charts, just in the standard Octavo layout.

Why would I want to have it printed and shipped?
We all have different reasons, not the least of which is saving time - your time in not having to print and collate and organize music for 20, 60, or 100+ team and choir members! Choosing to have it shipped also means a professional printer is creating your music, which results in clear, crisp lines, notes and lyrics, along with a smooth 28-pound paper weight that feels really nice in your hands.