PraiseCharts offers a variety of audio backing tracks for your worship experience.  Our audio products are designed to meet the needs of churches and worship teams of all sizes and capabilities. Whether you are a startup church or a larger professional-level worship ministry, we have solutions that will complement and enhance your worship experience every week.

We invite you to check out this video which will give you a brief look at what we offer and help you determine which backing tracks are right for you.  You can also check out the links below for additional information and videos for each audio track type.

Our audio backing tracks follow our complete arrangements and orchestrations, which are based on the original artist recordings.  You can be assured all of our products (charts, audio tracks, chord charts) work in sync together.

Our most common backing tracks for worship are Multi Tracks, Band Tracks, Click Tracks, Rhythm Tracks & Reason Files.  Here’s a quick comparison chart.

ALL TRACKS comparison dark2
In some cases, we sell downloadable audio tracks direct from PraiseCharts.  In other cases, we simply provide a reference sample of the song that can be purchased on popular sites like iTunes or Amazon.

When you purchase an audio file from PraiseCharts, you can make up to five (5) copies for practical uses.  This is similar to standards set out by iTunes, etc.  If you need to make additional copies, you can contact us about purchasing additional Permission To Copy.

To see a complete list of songs in our catalog that have Audio Tracks available, go to the Song List page and click on the Audio Tracks checkbox under Search Filters in the right sidebar.  That will narrow the list of titles down to only those that have Audio Tracks available.

See also: Multi Tracks, Band Tracks, Click Tracks, Rhythm Tracks, Reason Files, Split Tracks

Questions & Support

If you have any questions or issues with downloading our Audio Tracks from our website, please contact us at  David Bauer is the Managing Producer for PraiseCharts audio backing track products. You can contact him at or visit David’s website at