Every Breath
Hillsong Worship / Hannah Hobbs


Piano/Vocal (SATB) Details

Download the sheet music for Every Breath by Hillsong Worship / Hannah Hobbs, from the album Awake (Deluxe). This song was arranged by Ed Kerr in the key of C, D.

SongID 73563
Language English
Album Awake (Deluxe)
Artists Hillsong Worship, Hannah Hobbs
Authors Ben Tan, Hannah Hobbs
Arrangers Ed Kerr
Publishers Hillsong Music
CCLI Song No.7134999
File TypePDF
Original Key C
Available Keys C, D
ThemesSavior, Saviour, Victory, Hope, Soul, Fire, Worship, Praise, Greatness, Calling


Verse 1 Fill my lungs with the wind of Your Spirit Breath to breath I'm dependent on You Faithful God You are calling me closer When morning dawns and evening fades I need Your grace Chorus Let every breath I breathe Pour out in praise toward the King Jesus forever true My every breath will worship You Verse 2 Tame my fears as I lean on Your Spirit Trusting all of my heart unto You Let You passions burn like a fire in my soul When morning dawns and evening fades I'll seek Your face Bridge 1 How great is the One who breathes life into dry bones Heaven exhales and my soul is revived How great is the One whose hope lines the horizon Just when it feels like the end there's new life How great is the One who brushed death off our shoulders Victory came when He took back the night The heart of our Saviour deserving all praises My hallelujah will echo through time Bridge 2 Oh, hallelujah, hallelujah hallelujah, hallelujah Tag My every breath will worship You...