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Expand and deepen your worship services by including scriptural readings, prayers and calls to worship. Our worship and scripture readings are a great way to add meaningful depth and focus to your worship through the reading of God's Word and other scriptural or liturgical writings.

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At PraiseCharts we are in the process of rolling out an entirely new section in our catalog, dedicated to worship readings. We are going through the entire Bible, identifying passages that seems appropriate for public reading during worship. Along with the scriptures, we will be adding other readings, poems, prayers, and creeds that can seamlessly blend into your worship service.

You can download the scriptures for free, and print them out — just like a song! Eventually, you’ll have access to all of the scripture readings in all of the major translations, thematically integrated into our catalog of worship songs. Other readings will be available for a small fee. Fancier programming is around the corner, but in the meantime you can browse through our entire catalog of readings here. They are not quite thematically integrated with our song catalog yet (that is coming); so for now, below is a list of of our top worship songs, and scripture passages that we have specifically chosen to flow out of those songs. We chose scripture passages which carry a key theme from the songs. Imagine singing the song, transitioning to a piano and pad, dimming the lights to focus on the reader and then just reading the entire passage. The impact will be significant — for the mind, heart and soul of all those worshiping.

For more information, read our blog called Devote Yourselves To The Public Reading Of Scriptures.  There, you will find a long list of scripture readings that correspond to our top worship songs.